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At JCB Music, you will enjoy a small but mighty studio in which to record your music. Particularly well suited for singer-songwriters and Hip-Hop artists, the space itself is comfortable, cozy and laid-back, perfect in which to relax and create.

Bring in your beats and track all your vocals with clear, exceptional sounding microphones. Take advantage of plug-ins like autotune, and hear 24 tracks of pristine 24-bit digital quality. 1965

If your project needs to be built from the ground up, starting with a click track and guitar for example, and then overdubbing as many tracks of instrumentation as needed, we can draw on hundreds of virtual instruments powered by Native Instruments Komplete 10 software. The sonic quality of these patches is so like the actual instrument that you’ll have trouble telling the difference. Add Roland effects, mixing, editing, mastering, and CD burning and you have a full-service recording studio… and all this for $40/hr.

Contact me to set up a time to visit. Check out some samples below.


I am an engineer/producer who has spent many years and thousands of hours honing my craft. As a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, I can draw on these skills when recording your music. I’ll work with you in discovering, developing, and producing the fullest expression of your songs. Sometimes all that you need from me is a capable engineer behind the console; other projects might require a producer who can take a song idea and turn it into a fully realized piece of music. I can do both.

At the heart of my studio is the Roland VS-2480 Digital Audio Workstation.

It has fully automated mixing (where the faders are programmed to move themselves during mix down); a wide variety of all major effects (reverb, delay, compression, chorus, distortion, flanger, phaser, echo, and many many more); full editing (like cutting, pasting, inserting), which means you can sing one chorus perfectly and then clone it into all the choruses if you like; and many mastering toolkits that can help your mix achieve commercial/ broadcast quality.
Here are a few albums recorded at JCB Music, many featuring my drum, bass, percussion, and backing vocal session work.

Peter Rahill – ‘Funsongs’
These country-flavored songs will put a smile on your face.

Hammerflo – ‘Hammerflo
Jack Johnson meets Gomez. The debut from Hammerflo, all songs by David Romero.

Stuart Krittman – ‘The Cleanse’
Former guitarist/songwriter for Snugg Wheatly debuts with 11 new songs.

Jo Thomas Blaine – ‘Gift Of Shining’
Jazzy folk-rock with a mystical flare!

Francisco Garcia – ‘Solitario’
Spanish Rock with great vocals.

Kate Howe – ‘The View From Here’
Debut cd of sweet folk rock and pop.

Marcela – ‘Who Knew’
Awesome vocals.

Marcela – ‘No More Tuesdays’
A Bluesy-rock confection of songs written by the great Bruce Dunn that will move you.

Portal – ‘Sex, Drugs, and Hip Hop’
With duets featuring local Hip Hop artists

Sometimes magic happens effortlessly in the studio, other times it takes perseverance.

Either way, I’ll work until it sounds good to you, and I’ll do it within your budget. That’s why they call me the ‘Can Do’ man.


  1. Keep On Livin Tru210 4:26
  2. Love is the Shepherd Jo Thomas Blaine 3:17
  3. Pint O Rye Ronnie & The Boys 3:45
  4. Whatever You Like King Delane 3:02
  5. Ode To Roger Stone Jo Thomas Blaine 3:45
  6. Don't Cry For Me Eno 4:11
  7. Hilamon Hammerflo 4:37
  8. Walk With Me Jo Thomas Blaine 3:11
  9. Jesus and Helen Bruce Dunn 4:57
  10. Peace, Joy, Goodness In All Things Jen Tipton 5:21
  11. What The Hell Bruce Dunn 4:13
  12. Closer Than We Know Craig Blaine 3:09
  13. Te Extrano Francisco Garcia 4:00
  14. Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Jen Tipton 4:02
  15. Gift Of Shining Jo Thomas Blaine 3:12
  16. La Isla Bonita Marcela Mendez Duo 3:12
  17. Wahe Guru Jen Tipton 4:37
  18. Swizzle Stick Peter Rahill 2:29
  19. Smoky Bar (2018 remix) Bruce Dunn(featuring Marcela Mendez) 4:29
  20. Getting Better Kate Howe 2:50
  21. Rest My Heart Keven 3:47
  22. The Boxer Lena (featuring Craig Blaine) 3:30
  23. Can't Buy Me Love JorJay 2:21
  24. Half Moon Marcela Does Bruce 4:06
  25. Easy Does It Marcela Mendez 3:41
  26. The Karma Song Marcela Mendez 3:59
  27. There Is Peter Rahill 3:59
  28. Dem Deck B(o)yz Portal 3:42
  29. Be Mine Sealvur 3:25
  30. Cross-Street Stuart Krittman 4:00
  31. Mr Soul The Restless Soles 3:34
  32. Hypnotized World Cafe 3:30
JCB Music offers music production, session work, mastering, AND graphic art/album design!
I work in conjunction with Artist/Photographer Jo Thomas Blaine. Together we can design all of your album art… from photo session to finished cover.

JCB Music is centrally located in downtown San Diego, easy to get to with convenient parking.

Located in the vibrant East Village district of downtown San Diego, the Ratner Building (formerly known as the Arts Center) which contains the New School of Architecture, has been home to my studio for nearly 20 years.

Please feel free to contact me below about any questions you may have, and to set up a first session.


710 13th St. Studio 3A
San Diego, CA 92101

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